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Cenlar Sees 1 Million Homeowners Move to Paperless Billing

Cenlar FSB announced today the company has reached a milestone of more than 1 million homeowners who have elected to “go paperless.” That subscription base of homeowners grew almost 40% since January 2022 after the company kicked off its paperless billing campaign.

Cenlar is committed to providing the very best customer experience for its client’s homeowners, and a large part of that is ensuring it’s easy for homeowners to conduct business with us however, whenever and wherever they choose.

“We do everything we can to ensure that a homeowner’s experience is as personalized, frictionless and proactive as possible. Paperless is part of efforts to offer a convenient and easy way for homeowners to manage their mortgage” said Denise Flannery Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications. “Consumers taking action to go paperless demonstrates the strong level of trust and engagement they have with their financial institution.”

The company recognized that many homeowners want a seamless way to communicate with their servicer. And, a paperless digital environment can pave the way for a wide array of consumer self-service capabilities.

In March 2022, Cenlar began its promotional initiatives like a paperless and autopay awareness campaign featured on homeowner websites, as well as emails sent directly to new homeowners as part of its welcome campaign. The biggest leap in new paperless subscribers began when the company placed a pop-up box on the homeowner websites, alerting homeowners to sign up for paperless billing in virtually one click.

This is just the start. In 2023, Cenlar will continue to educate its clients’ homeowners about the self-service tools at their disposal, through avenues like the homeowner websites, emails, the Interactive Voice Response (IVR), chatbots and with the hope that even more will take advantage of the programs available to them.

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