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A Message From Matt Detwiler

Client Partners A Message From Matt Detwiler A Message From Matt Detwiler

A Message From Matt Detwiler

Someone once said that every problem is an opportunity to invent new possibility. I couldn’t agree more. My outlook isn’t just about positive thinking. It’s also grounded in action – some borne of the immediate challenges created by the pandemic but most a result of Cenlar’s steadfast commitment to investment in people, process and technology. Over the last 18 months we are continuing to invent new possibilities in the way we are caring for you and your homeowners.

We’ve added more than 1,000 new employees to our talented team. Our new telephony system has significantly improved how our employees are able to do their jobs. For months now, we are seeing ASA trend positively for both contact centers. And speech analytics are providing new insights into call drivers and agent behavior.

Our chat bot, launched to help accommodate more homeowners at the height of the pandemic and has continued to perform well this year. We’re seeing an average of 150,000 bot interactions each month. Our data shows 81% of callers stay with the bot and 91% indicate they are satisfied with the result.

Cenlar’s operations and digital teams are working together to actively automate the preforeclosure and foreclosure processes. We’ve also just piloted two RPA pilots aimed at automating formerly repetitive, manual processes so that we can apply the talents of our employees to more challenging, complex problem-solving.

And when you need help, you can count on our new Cenlar Case Management (CCM) system. We’re seeing great feedback across our clients about the benefits of using CCM, including the ability to track requests and resolve issues more quickly.

These are just a few examples of the progress we’ve made at Cenlar. So, yes, I am enthusiastic about the possibilities. For those of you who will be at the MBA, I look forward to catching up.

My Best,

Matt Detwiler
Senior Vice President
Client Relationship Management