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Communication Enhancements

Client Partners Communication Enhancements

Communications Enhancements Bring Homeowner Experience into Even Sharper Focus

Cenlar has introduced enhancements to provide homeowners an excellent experience, each and every time they interact with us.

Cenlar has begun enhancing the most common way homeowners know us — print and digital communications — by partnering with a new communications management platform, Venture. Not only does Venture’s team have a level of expertise that allows it to share recommendations on how we might bolster our communications efforts, but its system is robust enough to handle the volume and complexity of Cenlar’s operations, Vice President, Contact Center Technology & Borrower Communications Tim Quinn said.

Our eDocs email notification system and our Document Center has migrated to Venture already. In late Q2 2022, billing statements will also move. Homeowners will continue to have access to 14 months of billing statements and six months of letters online in the Document Center. A secure, reliable document center remains central to our strategy of providing digital and self-service options for homeowners, Quinn said. 

Going forward, Venture’s defined structure allows us to not only be more efficient while presenting less opportunity for error, but also to offer greater customization for clients. Logos and private-label branding, for example, can be uploaded and approved directly in the system — a common-sense upgrade. Customization, like the ability to produce billing statements in color, adds the potential for a greater personal touch for clients. 

Having a print vendor that has flexibility to adjust to clients’ needs is absolutely critical, Quinn said. 

Venture also enhances our ability to ensure the quality of our communications with homeowners. Venture’s universal flight-check capability facilitates quality assurance checks within the system while also shortening the timeline for completion.

“Their end-to-end digital system is a strong upgrade for us that enables ease of use, convenience, communication and approvals for both Cenlar and our clients," Quinn said. 

The partnership with Venture is an important undertaking for Cenlar, specifically because it dovetails with our cross-organization focus on enhancing the homeowner experience. By viewing the homeowner experience as seamless, it allows teams across Cenlar — such as homeowner communications, marketing, operations, client management and our Contact Centers — to all work with a singular focus delivering the best homeowner experience we can. This omni-channel view ensures everything connects and makes sense as homeowners move from one channel to another, from our Welcome Program to our website, bots and the IVR to the letters and statements in the Document Center. 

Our homeowner communications teams also have partnered with our strategic initiatives team, led by Vice President Josh Goldstien, to ensure we’re constantly improving how and when we communicate with our homeowners. This includes putting analytics and infrastructure in place to understand when homeowners might benefit hearing from us — anticipating what they want to know so they don’t have to spend time contacting us or searching for answers.  

“We’re set up really well for the future,” Quinn said. “We’re not only enhancing the quality of our communications with homeowners, but we’re also thinking holistically about the homeowner experience so that we’re interacting with people how they want, when they want, in a manner that makes sense for them.”