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Meet April Lindes

Client Partners Meet April Lindes

Meet April Lindes

April Lindes, a senior client manager and 20-year Cenlar veteran, takes pride in her ability to handle high-stress situations and foster client relationships. She credits her detail orientation, extensive knowledge of Cenlar’s inner workings, and long-term collegiality with back-office staff as her secret sauce to providing good client service.

She began her career with Cenlar in cash management amidst the Y2K panic in December 1999. By 2004 she started branching out by trying her hand in research, but left the company for other opportunities.

She returned to cash management in 2006 and remained there until 2012, when she became the client liaison for cash operations. 

During this time she enrolled in Cenlar’s CLIMB leadership development program, which gave her a chance to stand out and work directly with clients. When a client manager position was offered, she jumped at the chance.

Staying Calm and Carrying On

Dealing with clients is a lot different than dealing with Excel spreadsheets, a point driven home by the COVID-19 pandemic. April’s approach, honed over the years, is to stay calm and reassure clients that she would find ways to get problems resolved. “It’s important to understand you are the face of the company,” she says.

It Takes a Team

April believes in the value of teamwork. “I have always been a huge proponent that we are all one team within Cenlar,” she says. “I approach people the way I would want to be approached. I know how I would perceive that message coming to me and I try to deliver it the same way. My goal is to engage people internally and ask them how can we partner together to get something accomplished for the client.”

Coming Full Circle

April is gratified to see that Cenlar is delivering on the service promises she made to clients during the pandemic. Call center wait times are now better than industry standard and clients are thrilled with the new Cenlar Case Management system. Yet there is a lot of value in being face-to-face in the same room with clients, which April hopes will restart once COVID fears dissipate.