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On the Forefront of Enhancing Homeowners’ Experience with Bots

Client Partners On the Forefront of Enhancing Homeowners’ Experience with Bots

On the Forefront of Enhancing Homeowners’ Experience with Bots

Over the last three years, our digital bots have transformed from merely one piece of our digital strategy to an example industry-wide of what can be achieved with bots on your side.

It’s not an exaggeration to say Cenlar is on the forefront of using bots to improve the servicing experience. In fact, Black Knight has begun using Cenlar as a model for what’s possible when servicers want to integrate bots into their operation. What sets us apart isn’t just the bot itself, but the breadth of the content connected to the bot and how it interacts seamlessly with our homeowner website, CenNet.

Most important to us, though, is that bots have equipped us with a key tool in our mission to help homeowners wherever and whenever they need assistance. Our bots handle nearly 150,000 interactions every month, and have proven to be a key driver in improving the homeowner experience. Of those homeowners who interact with our bots, more than 85% get the help they need without ever interacting with a live representative.

We’ve spent a lot of time and energy over the last two years refining our bots, in partnership with ServisBOT. Together, we have developed four bots: a forbearance bot focused on providing information on CARES Act options during the national emergency, a general information bot that connects to our IVR, a registration bot that helps answer questions about how to register for the CenNet homeowner website and our "borrower" bot available to assist homeowners on CenNet. Homeowners using both the registration bot and borrower bot have the option connect to a live chat with an agent directly from the bot if they find the bot can’t answer their question.

“We continue to push forward, innovating around the most advanced technology available,” IT Analyst Brighid Quinn-Gordon said.  “We’re incorporating ChatGPT into our bots, with the vision of using state-of-the-art technology to satisfy our business needs.”

Two innovations will be launched soon. Our live chat wrap-up feature, live this summer, will use ChatGPT to assist our live chat agents. We’ll use the AI capabilities of ChatGPT to sum up the conversation, with this summary becoming a part of the homeowner’s file. This allows us to always know what was discussed with a homeowner, and creates a record we can easily reference later to more readily assist the homeowner, without any extra effort required of them. While our agents will review all summaries to ensure that they are accurate and comprehensive of the discussion, the automation significantly decreases agents’ time away from helping homeowners, and significantly increases consistency.

We’re also launching our agent search feature this summer, which essentially will put ChatGPT on top of our Cendesk internal knowledge base. This enhancement will summarize our entire knowledge base so our agents will have a concise, accurate answer to nearly any homeowner question at their fingertips instantaneously. The AI capability may even be able to provide post-interaction coaching to agents for improved performance.

As Cenlar continues working with this technology, our bots will continue to evolve, becoming even smarter and opening up even more opportunities to assist your homeowners.