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Touchpoint Analysis: Using Data to Continually Improve

Client Partners Touchpoint Analysis: Using Data to Continually Improve

Touchpoint Analysis:
Using Data to Continually Improve

Nothing shines a light on opportunities for continual improvement like hard data. And that’s where a program we call Touchpoint Analysis, or TPA, comes in. In short, TPA is a program that gathers data and analytics across Cenlar in order to help us identify and address enhancement opportunities in business processes and the homeowner experience.

Started in 2020 with an initial focus on complaints, TPA has since expanded to include additional “touchpoints” like phone calls (via speech analytics) and Cenlar Case Management (CCM) tickets. Enhanced technology and new capabilities will allow us, by the end of 2022, to include email, chat, tasks and voice quality monitoring in TPA. These additional touchpoints will give us an even broader picture of homeowner and client pain points.

To date, TPA has driven our primary focus onto issues involving the most common areas of homeowner friction: payments, insurance, escrow and digital channels. By seeing these common themes across all touchpoints, it helps to validate our findings and prioritize solutions, with a goal of improving the homeowner experience, reducing risk and making our operation more efficient.

The results show that this, in fact, is happening. We’re seeing increased digital adoption. We’re seeing a decreased call-in rate and fewer complaints and CCM tickets. And we’re seeing increased customer satisfaction, according to our homeowner surveys.

We’re achieving it thanks to efforts driven by TPA, like our ACH & Paperless Enrollment pop-ups, which greatly boosted homeowner participation in self-serve options [see adjacent story]. Our Digital Payment Email Campaigns informed homeowners who submitted payments via lockbox, IVR or by phone about the digital channels available to them, leading to a reduction in lockbox and IVR payments and an in-kind upswing in payments received via digital channels.

The addition of a SMS enhancement to our IVR allowed us to send a link via text for, giving homeowners the opportunity to self-serve instead. It led to substantially fewer calls, three months running.

In the fourth quarter of 2022, we’ll be launching our escrow analysis redesign, another opportunity for improving the homeowner experience that grew out of analyzing a common area of confusion and developing a solution based on it.

We’re also analyzing all of the ACH registration communications we send to homeowners, specifically regarding the timing of when the communications are sent and messaging about payment status. It’s a project that began after TPA identified drafting as the leading driver for calls in the Payment category—a clear chance for improvement.

“What we do gives us insight into the homeowner’s reason for needing assistance,” said Josh Goldstien, Cenlar’s VP of Borrower Journey and Analytics. “We look at our contacts, we understand why they’re coming in, we do Touchpoint Analysis. It’s a strategic, informed approach to ensuring that we’re constantly improving how we work, always with our clients and their homeowners in mind.”