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Products We Service.

At Cenlar, we understand our clients need to be competitive in the market. As such, we service most product types (e.g. ARMs, Fixed Rate, Balloons, HELOCs, Interest Only, Daily Simple Interest) and many variations of these product types (e.g. Pay Option ARMs, Abatement Programs, Interest-Only Buy Downs, Subsidy Loans). We work with our clients when implementing new products and are very flexible in our ability to service these products. Our mortgage product menu includes:

  • First and second mortgages
  • Fixed rate and ARMs
  • HELOCs (including multi-segment)
  • Interest-only products / mortgages
  • Negative amortization products
  • Daily simple interest
  • Biweekly products (also quarterly and annual payment loans)
  • Pay option products
  • Buy downs and balloons
  • Conventional, FHA, VA and commercial
  • HUD 235, section 8
  • Purchase discount level yield 
  • FASB91 multiple fees/costs

Interested in Cenlar’s Subservicing Solutions?

Cenlar invites banks, credit unions and mortgage companies to learn more about our custom subservicing solutions. Please submit the form below. 

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