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Core Values

About Cenlar Core Values

Cenlar's core values

Our core values form the basis of who we are and how we work. They encourage respect and diversity of thought as well as trust, integrity and caring.

Respect: Persistently demonstrating the very highest regard for each other. 

  • Treating others well is in our DNA. We treat others as we’d want to be treated. 
  • We value the knowledge, skills set and diversity of our colleagues. 
  • We believe good ideas can come from anyone. 
  • We actively listen and learn from each other. We encourage a variety of viewpoints. 

Trust: Nurturing mutually supportive, meaningful relationships. 

Our confidence in our colleagues is the cornerstone for collaboration, problem-solving and success. We work together in a way that engenders a sense of belonging. 

  • We do what we say we will do. 
  • We encourage each other and we know that each other’s input and actions are well-intentioned. 
  • We are united by the notion that we’ll together do what it takes to achieve success. 

Integrity: An unfaltering dedication to doing the right thing. 

We do the right thing, period. As individuals and an organization, we make conscious choices that show the best of who we are no matter the circumstances. 

  • We are honest and transparent, always. 
  • We do our best. 
  • We own our mistakes. 
  • We keep our promises. 

Caring: Tending to the well-being and success for our colleagues, our clients and their borrowers and our communities.

We are sensitive to the humanity of our colleagues. We are passionate about delivering on the needs of others. No hand raised for help goes unanswered. 

  • We attend to both the work and life needs of our colleagues. 
  • We have empathy for the life circumstances of others. 
  • We care for our communities.