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What is Subservicing?

What We Do What is Subservicing?

What is Subservicing?

Cenlar is uniquely focused on your business.

We get it. How can you cut your servicing costs but provide excellent service to your homeowners? What about compliance? How do you avoid risk and maintain heightened security? Cenlar, the top subservicer in the industry, has the resources, the expertise and the flexibility to develop a custom-tailored subservicing program that’s right for your organization.

Homeowner services

Cenlar’s goal is to care for homeowners with the highest level of service. Our philosophy is to treat our clients’ homeowners as we would like to btreated. Our clients’ homeowners trust us to do the right thing, to get it right the first time, to hold ourselves accountable for our actions and to stand in their shoes whenever an issue arises.

Highly-trained customer service representatives: 

  • Care for homeownerdaily with 
    outstanding customer service.  
  • Answer questions homeowners may have regarding their mortgages 

Homeowner mortgage management tools: 

  • Homeowner online access at — our updated website gives homeowners easy access to the mortgage information and account management tools they need.
  • Mobile access at Cenlar MobileTM  – an always-on, self-service solution that gives homeowners greater ability to manage their accounts wherever they happen to be.

End-to-end homeowner services: 

  • Sending payoff statements and handling assumptions.

Asset management

Caring for homeowners every day to keep them on track with their mortgages. Asset management functions include:

  • Caring for homeowners over the life of their loans 
  • Handling daily questions and concerns 
  • Making every effort to keep homeowners in their homes 
  • Making homeowner contact when an account becomes past due or when a homeowner misses a payment 
  • Taking action when accounts become delinquent and working with the homeowner to bring the account current and avoid lengthy and costly legal action 
  • Collecting past-due payments 
  • Providing counseling, early intervention and short-term or long-term forbearance and repayment plans 
  • Handling foreclosures when necessary 
  • Managing property owned after foreclosure 

Interested in Cenlar’s Subservicing Solutions?

Cenlar invites banks, credit unions and mortgage companies to learn more about our custom subservicing solutions. Please submit the form below. 

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