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Escrow Resources

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What does your escrow account pay for?

Items typically paid from your escrow account can include: 

  • Property taxes
  • Some utility taxes
  • Homeowners (or hazard) insurance
  • Mortgage Insurance — MIP/PMI/RHS (if required by your loan)
  • Flood insurance (if required by your loan)
  • Wind insurance

Other items that can be paid from your escrow account, but are not included in your monthly payment:

  • Special or added assessments
  • Interim or supplemental tax bills
  • Water and other utility tax bills not collected in your monthly payment
  • Per capita tax bills: taxes from your municipality or school district

Frequently asked questions

Shortages in your escrow occur when Cenlar disburses more than what was projected. This is usually because your tax or insurance rates have increased but unexpected disbursements may also contribute to shortages.

No interest is charged on the shortage amount. When your escrow account has a shortage, you are required to pay back the shortage as indicated on your statement.

A surplus occurs when we disburse less than what was projected. This is usually because your tax rates decreased.