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Championing Homeownership with Empathy and Innovation

  • 4 min read
  • Ingrid Jaschok, Senior Vice President of Default Operations
I am thrilled to join the Cenlar team as Senior Vice President of Default Operations. The last three months have been exciting and confirmed what I initially thought – that Cenlar is an outstanding organization doing all the right things by investing in technology, putting the homeowner first and cultivating partner/client relationships to improve the mortgage experience.

Throughout my career, my priority has always been to keep homeowners top of mind. I’ve always made it my commitment to ensure that our organization is a vital source of strength in those moments that are a homeowner’s most uncertain times. Whether it’s a pandemic, a recession or a natural disaster – these are all difficult moments in a person’s life. And, I want to ensure that we are helping homeowners who are experiencing financial hardship with the utmost compassion and empathy.

My philosophy is simple: “strive to keep homeowners in their homes.” At Cenlar, we know that a home is more than just brick and mortar. A home is where people make memories. There is nothing more exciting than getting the keys to your home. And, we’re doing everything we can to help homeowners keep that dream alive.

At Cenlar, I’m dedicated to helping drive productivity and enhance the homeowner experience in the loss mitigation process. To that end, Cenlar is doing all that we can for homeowners impacted by a financial hardship, whatever that might be.

As new technology emerges, I am looking to enhancements in the omnichannel space. Our goal is to always interact with homeowners the way they want to with us. Whether that’s contacting us through our existing self-serve technology like our bots or the IVR, we want homeowners to do business with us, whenever, wherever and however they feel most comfortable. We work to be successful across all touchpoints so the homeowner understands we’re here to help and we want them to stay in their home.

I want to be a leader who makes sure we’ve done everything we can to help homeowners stay in their homes, and if they don’t want to, or can’t, we can help them manage the transition with dignity and respect.

One of my key objectives is to maintain the emphasis (that’s already in progress) on coaching, developing, and engaging employees on how to work with homeowners post pandemic. I’ve always believed in the importance of empathy while resolving financial challenges respectfully while also maintaining industry-regulated compliance and risk policies. I look forward to helping to enhance the homeowner experience at every stage of their mortgage journey.

Partnering with homeowners to find sustainable solutions that align with their needs and preferences is a critical part of my initial focus. By listening, observing and evolving processes, I’ll work to empower team members to leverage their critical thinking skills to help the homeowner experience as they make tough financial decisions.

I recognize and value the importance of authenticity in building trust with clients and colleagues alike. By fostering open communication and being a partner in the industry, I’ll work to ensure our homeowners have a successful experience at every level regardless of the difficult decisions being considered.

My leadership is rooted in a commitment to excellence, empathy and inclusivity. Using all my experience and knowledge, I’m excited to help Cenlar continue and enhance their mission of empowering homeowners and driving positive change in the mortgage industry.

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