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People, Supported by Process and Technology, Drive Exceptional Customer Service

  • 5 min read
As a company, we remember that what we do every day supports the most precious financial asset most families possess: their homes. With that as motivation, we encourage each other and constantly seek processes that serve this very personal mission.

Our goal is to adopt faster and more efficient ways to achieve customer interaction that is complete the first time while being high touch, and while caring for and empowering our people.

Like most organizations in the mortgage servicing business, the future of Cenlar from an operational standpoint is closely tied to our willing and careful adoption of new technologies. This includes automation technology such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Clearly, technology has allowed companies, both global and close to home, to do more with fewer people — any look at an automobile assembly line is proof enough. It’s vital that we pay attention to our quality of jobs and the impact of technology on our ability to maintain a positive customer experience.

While we will enhance processes, we are mindful of our need to fully understand how these changes impact our people and feel to the user. The best processes are shared solutions.

In every area of our business, we seek to automate and engineer processes that deliver fully functional solutions in a cloud-based environment. No matter the role at Cenlar, we want our people to know they are valued, understand our common goals and are empowered to be the sort of change agents who are moving us forward.

Change agents drive innovation, training and our sense of mission. They ensure our efforts on behalf of our customers do not become antiquated and superfluous. They help us ensure we adopt technologies that continue to be the right fit for Cenlar, our clients and their homeowners.  

We want, for example, to leverage technology to better respond to homeowner inquiries and calls for assistance. We want to respond to calls and online chat sessions more quickly, accompanying that speed with the kind of immediate resolution that will enhance our reputation.

We want technological solutions that are seamless, agile and able to serve multiple business lines. We want processes that reduce errors that are both costly and lead to a lack of trust.

Our lives as Cenlar team members will be determined not only by our understanding of our technological goals but seeing the opportunities available along the way. We want a company where we get to do work that is more challenging, better rewarded and, importantly, helps fulfill the needs of our clients and their homeowners.

Using the automotive industry as an analogy, cars were once built slowly — one at a time with little standardization and reliant on knowledge best described as insular. Next came the assembly line, a standardized process where employees performed repetitive, tedious tasks which were susceptible to large-scale error. Today, robotic assembly lines have shifted employees to higher-valued activities, bringing not only more employee satisfaction but markedly better cars.

We want the same stellar experiences for our clients and their homeowners. To get there, we are embracing the future, being more creative and nimble. It will be worth it.

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